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The CANForum Annual General Meeting is being held on 27th March 2019 at 19:30 in Everyone Active on Acton High Street.

Ealing council is currently running a consultation (until 15th March 2019) on closing access to the A40 from Rosebank Way.

Acton was one of the first areas of London to have dockless bikes when the bright silver and orange Mobikes appeared.

UPDATE: See below - council Refused the application

The local Neighbourhood Watch team recently circulated a reminder that we can all let the Metropolitan Police know what we see as current priorities in our a

Ealing Matters, an alliance of residents’ associations and community groups based in Ealing, undertook a survey in preparation for an upcoming Planning Servi

There are challenges when building affordable housing (apart from the problem in getting it built at all) such as creating something of high quality that has

Ealing Council wants to know what you think about what it’s like to walk along and across Uxbridge Road.

During 2017 CANForum worked with local residents to counter a submitted proposal to build a house on infill land space which would impact on surrounding home