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CANForum would like to invite you to a series of Public Meetings with individual Mayoral candidates

UPDATE August 2019: Seems like it is too early in the electoral cycle to attract a large audience for these - so plans for more public meetings with the candidates have been postponed


CANForum is organising a number of Public Meetings with candidates for the position of Mayor of London. The election is due on 7th May 2020 and the candidates are lining up now.

First up is Shaun Bailey, Conservative Mayoral candidate, on June 25th at 7 pm in St Mary's Church (the church itself not the adjacent hall). 1 The Mount W3.

Confirmation of attendance for subsequent have been received from Sian Berry (Green Party) and Siobhan Benita (Liberal Democrates). Their individual meeting dates are to be confirmed and will be added in here when we have them.

The Mayor of London has an important role in defining and controlling the building around London. For example - from

An application is referable to the Mayor if it meets the criteria set out in the Mayor of London Order (2008). The criteria includes:

  • development of 150 residential units or more
  • development over 30 metres in height (outside the City of London)
  • development on Green Belt or Metropolitan Open Land

The Mayor of London is also responsible for the London Plan that defines planning policy - including, for example, the target sizes for rooms and the amount of light that the rooms should have.

So when the time for elections comes around it is important to know what each candidate intends to do. Of course, the remit for the Mayor is much wider than buildings - but CANForum, in its role as a non-political organisation that is directly involved in local planning policy and applications, has a specific interest in knowing what will be happening with the London Plan and applications for large buildings.
However, your questions to the mayoral candidates can be about any areas that fall under the jurisdiction of that role.

Come along. This is your chance to hear and put your questions. We all to know how the next mayors plans will impact our neighbourhood.