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Below is a copy of a letter from office of Rupa Huq MP to the Ealing Council case officer who is handling the application to bring the old library in Acton b

Residents around Perryn Road, Shaa Road and other properties backing onto the ex allotments behind Goldsmiths Almshouses are concerned about a new planning a

Update 16-Jul-2020:
Had a notification from the council that the application has been withdrawn.

We do not have many large meeting and event spaces that are open to the public in Acton. However, there is one in the centre of Ealing - Victoria Hall.

As part of the "Cycleway 34" project (part of the project previously called the Cycling Superhighway), that we have mentioned here before, there will be road

We have written before about the vacant old library in a prime location on Acton High Street.

The "no 3rd Runway Coalition" group, you might remember that they presented at the CANForum AGM earlier in 2019, have sent out some updates over the summer.

The people behind the Acton Arts project - with their ambitious plans to bring the old Acton Library back into community use - have recently been in touch wi