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A number of residents are concerned that conditions have changed in the area around Acton Main Line station and that the existing CPZ is no longer working as

The Acton Banking Hub is now open - it is inside The Oaks shopping centre.

The redevelopment at Friary Park continues - but the developers are having a second go at increasing the density of units.

Another planning application has been submitted relating to the ex-allotments between Shah Road/Perryn Road/East Churchfield Road (back of Goldsmiths Buildin

Ealing Council and the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) have secured funding from local developments to improve the streets and spaces i

The long derelict site that starts at the Horn Lane / A40 junction and then runs north alongside the A40 has stood empty for many years and been surrounded b

Ealing Council is collecting information from residents to help form their Local Plan.

Ealing Council is carrying out a consultation on conservation zones across the borough. This includes areas within Acton.

The developers who are building the new blocks to replace Friary Park have applied to use the green area to the north east of their development as if were pa

ARTification have been in touch about a new Arts and Produce market that they are launching in North Acton Pavilion Gardens in July.