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About the project

Share your thoughts on your neighbourhood

We’re developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Central Acton and parts of East and West Acton, and we need your help in developing a vision for the future. This is your opportunity to have your say about the area covered by CANForum, what you like and dislike, and what you think might improve the area, so that we can consider your views as part of our next stage of planning.

Have your say - take the initiative so that we can establish our plan rather than just responding to proposals from other authorities and developers. As local residents and businesses, we recognize you know best what is good or needs improving in your locality.

Help us form the Central Acton Neighbourhood Plan

We used the Commonplace crowd-source tool that was embedded in the CANForum home page to allow us to collect your comments and ideas. This helped us build the evidence base for our Neighbourhood Plan. All residents, local businesses and organisations in the area covered by CANForum were encouraged to take part in this exercise.

If you create an account on the CANForum site then, for the postings there that allow it, you can add comments in your name to some of the news and events that are posted there.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan is a community-led process for guiding the future development and conservation of an area. The procedure was introduced by Government in 2012 as a means to enable local people to have direct involvement in how their area can be improved in providing new facilities, use of land and preserving what is best about their locality. The outcome is a document, developed by members of a community, to outline plans for the future of their area. Learn more at

How does it work?

We will let you know the findings before we prepare the Neighbourhood Plan. You can then participate in the development of the plan before an independent inspector reviews it. To be adopted, the Plan then needs to pass a local referendum by the local population in which majority approval is required. If this is achieved, then the Neighbourhood Plan becomes an important component for future development of the area covered by CANForum.

Who is coordinating this Neighbourhood Plan?

CANForum is a "Neighbourhood Planning Forum" - an independent local organisation that received authority from Ealing Council to develop Central Acton's Neighbourhood Plan. We are developing our committees and activities and welcome your involvement.

How were the boundaries chosen?

The boundaries are broadly similar to the Acton Central electoral ward with some differences, for example there are parts added in from the west of the East Acton ward and the north west of the South Acton ward. There are also some anomalies, for example Acton High Street and the streets leading directly to it are not included.
As can be seen from the Ealing Council web site, there were originally two separate proposals made by different resident groups. One was called "Greater Central Acton" and the other for an area around Acton Main Line station. There was some overlap in the proposed areas. At a later date, areas of these two proposals were combined to make what became the "Central Acton Neighbourhood Forum".

The precise boundaries were agreed in consultation with Ealing Council as part of the formal process of gaining designation.

Privacy Policy

CANForum (referred to as NF below) aims to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) (into effect on 25th May 2018). Accordingly, we aim in this privacy statement to provide clarity and transparency as to our purpose for collection, storage, retention and use of any personal contact data of individuals that we may hold.

The only personal data which NF will collect and store for contact purposes are the name, postal address and email address of individuals who have either:

  • Attended meetings and events and given their contact details for the purpose of being informed of the work or activity of the NF and used for the purpose of being updated about matters related to the work of the NF and local planning issues related to the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Or contacted us via the website to request and consent to their contact details being kept by the NF, and used for the purpose of being updated about matters related to the work of the NF and local planning issues related to the Neighbourhood Plan.

The main purpose of retaining and using personal contact data for the expressed use of information mail-outs, and occasional consultations, is considered to be compatible with the original aims and purposes of the Forum.

We believe that as residents of the area covered by the Neighbourhood Development Plan of which the NF is the guardian and our mailing lists enable us to inform and consult them about matters relating to the Neighbourhood Plan and planning applications and other matters affecting its implementation, the NF has a legitimate interest in maintaining contact with those on its mailing list.

Contact details will be stored on a secure site and only accessed by agreed officers of the NF, elected at the AGM annually.

Individuals can request that their details are changed or removed by contacting the NF via the website at any time. Individuals can also remove their contact details by “unsubscribing” when they received mail outs or by emailing us at

The NF will not pass any personal data to a third party, and will comply with GDPR procedures in notifying our members in the event of a data breach.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy was last updated 22 May 2018.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at


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