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Acton Arts Project (old library) calling for councillors to actively engage

The people behind the Acton Arts project - with their ambitious plans to bring the old Acton Library back into community use - have recently been in touch with their supporters to ask for people to contact their councillors to add their voices to those calling for this to succeed. If you support the project and have not done this yet then see below for more.

You can find out more about the project at

You can find your list of councillors with their email address  at 

Here is what Acton Arts Project sent:

Dear supporters,

For over a year the local Councillors have told us that they are not able to actively support our campaign to open a cinema in the old library building because it may conflict with other community bids.  You may have written to them in the past and got that response or something similar.

We are now informed that the Councillors are* not involved* in the process of choosing how or who the library is leased to.

Therefore we could be very grateful if you would write to them once more and ask for their support. We'd like them to talk to the Officers making the decision, and make it clear that Acton wants an Arts centre which will bring added value to the High Street and offer a cultural meeting place for
all of us.

If you could ask members of your book, gardening music, sport or resident groups to ask more people to write as well that would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a template e mail we would  like you to send to your own local Councillor today or tomorrow. Do change the wording if you prefer. You need to give your full name, street and post code. If you could ask any local family or friends to do the same, that would be great.

With thanks in advance from Acton Arts Project.

Dear Councillor,

I am writing to let you know of my continuing support for the Acton Arts
Project and to ask you now to make your support known to the Officers
choosing the winning bid and to residents who voted for you at the last
We were originally told that our own Councilors could not be involved
incase there was more than one community bid, or you were involved in the
process. Since none of that is relevant any more we are asking you to
please lend your weight and influence to backing the community