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Friary Park - developers want to increase density and heights

The redevelopment at Friary Park continues - but the developers are having a second go at increasing the density of units.
The approved application was for 990 homes. The latest application increases this to 1228 and adds an extra tower (17 floors) plus asks to increase the height of other towers.

The end date for your comments is 10th July 2022

A previous application to greatly increase the heights of two of the towers was rejected. It is not guaranteed that this one will also be rejected.

The developer summarises their objectives as:
a) Deliver 238 additional homes, increasing the overall total from 990 to 1,228 homes.
b) 50% of the habitable rooms contained in the 238 net additional homes to be
delivered in affordable housing tenures, split 60% low cost rent and 40%
c) Increase the footprint and massing of Blocks B3, C1, C2 & D.
d) Increase the height of Block B2 to between 12 to 17 storeys whilst maintaining the
height of the tallest elements in Blocks B1, B3, C1 and C2.
e) Revise the size and layout of Blocks E, F1 and F2.
f) Bring Blocks E, F1 and F2 into the Detailed Element of the Planning Permission.
g) Include revised parameter plans for the Outline Element to capture the changes to
the massing of Block C and D.
h) Include new resident amenity and community facilities on the ground floors of
Blocks B3, C, F1 and F2.
i) Update the landscape design to create a community square at the heart of the
j) Provide a parcel consolidation centre in Block B2 and additional loading bays along
Friary Road.