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Acton Conservation Area changes

Ealing Council is carrying out a consultation on conservation zones across the borough. This includes areas within Acton.

The Acton areas concerned are near Acton Park, Acton Green, Acton Town Centre and Mill Hill Park.
The intention is to look at changes that have happened over the last 15 years or so and determine if they should lead to changes in designation.

For example – The Goldsmith Arms marked the northern edge of one zone – but it has been demolished recently and is being replaced by a block of flats and some shops. So the council is proposing to reduce the size of that zone.

A conservation area provides some level of requirements and protection for the area concerned. This might, for example, aesthetics such as limiting the sort of window frames that can be used or something much more substantial like making things difficult for a new tower block to be built.

You have until 18th March 2021 to submit your input to the council.
There is much more information on their site at