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Victoria Hall - Ealing

We do not have many large meeting and event spaces that are open to the public in Acton. However, there is one in the centre of Ealing - Victoria Hall.

It is part of the Ealing Town Hall complex and the council is trying to include it in the lease for the project to convert the old Ealing town hall into a hotel.

There has been a long running campaign to stop this happening because this building, Victoria Hall, was initially paid for by public subscription and is run as a charitable trust. The council is the trustee.
The next step is a ruling from the Charity Commission over the requested change of status by the council to allow them to hand it over to the hotel developer.
Local campaigners worked hard to prepare a lengthy submission to the Charity Commission to explain why they think it should be retained as a public building rather than being turned over to a commercial organistion.

You can read much more about this at where they are also running a crowdfunding campaign to raise £6000 to help cover the legal costs.