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Proposed closure of Rosebank Way to the A40

Ealing council is currently running a consultation (until 15th March 2019) on closing access to the A40 from Rosebank Way.
This currently provides westbound access to the A40 - it is near the footbridge over the A40 close to Savoy Circus/Gypsy Corner.

The intention is to block of the end with bollards and put in an area where vehicles can turn around - so that it is safer for cyclists and pedestrians crossing at the top of that road.
To quote from the consultation:

Counts of both motor traffic and cyclists were done for the junction of Rosebank Way and the A40. At peak times (7-10 am and 3-7pm) on a typical weekday, around 50 cyclists and 75 pedestrians per hour cross the junction, while around 12 cars exit onto the A40.

The council consultation document is available on-line

There are other planned works in the area related to the up-coming Cycle Superhighway