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Planning Applications and former Goldsmiths allotments

UPDATE: See below - council Refused the application

CANForum would like to notify interested residents of two recent planning applications for the former Goldsmiths allotments. Links are below.

In short this application is to knock through a listed wall and build a gate. Local residents think that this could be a first step towards building houses in that area.

It should be noted that two previous planning applications for this allotment site have been refused.

the deadline for comments is the end of February 2019.


Goldsmiths Allotments when they were actively used



UPDATE from 12th March 2019 ...around 40 objections were raised and the council refused the application with the following reason:

"The proposed partial demolition of the existing brick boundary fence is
considered to represent an inappropriate form of development and would be
detrimental to the setting and quality of the Grade II listed building and
Acton Park Conservation Area. Therefore, the proposal is to Section 16 of
the National Planning Policy Framework (2018), Policies 7.4, 7.6 and 7.8 of
the London Plan (2016), policies 7.4, 7B and 7C of the Ealing Development
Management DPD (2013) and the Acton Park Conservation Area Management Plan."