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Planning application to close L'Oriental on Churchfield Road

Update 16-Jul-2020:
Had a notification from the council that the application has been withdrawn.
So it looks like the restaurant is staying.
However, nothing to stop the plans being modified and resubmitted so keep a look out for new applications.

Original text:
A planning application was submitted in April to convert the L'Oriental restaurant into a 3 bedroom flat with a small shop at the front.
The restaurant has been there for over 30 years and Tony, who runs it, does not want to close. The application has come from the landlord.

If you have views on this then now is the time to make them clear to the Ealing Council Planning Department via their web site (link below).

Here is how CANForum responded:
"This proposal seeks to remove a profitable local business and replace with a 3 bedroom 4 person unit. This development will only provide the minimum habitable space. The lack of natural light is of great concern. Light wells shown in the drawings are not sufficient. This is proven in the artificially lit pictures taken of adjacent properties for comparison. Living areas ie kitchen and living room will require constant lighting. We also noted the lack of storage space. The outdoor space on this proposal is purely decorative.
Both the London Plan and Local Plan note that residential development should enhance the area. This does not.
It is worth mentioning at this point the number of empty properties in this area, as we are sure you are aware.

Churchfield Rd is unique in its character. It has the look and feel of a village. This has contributed to people from outside the borough along side local residents visiting, shopping and eating in the area. It would be folly to lose a profitable and thriving business in these challenging times"

Your response is due by early June 2020.

Planning application number: 201434FUL
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