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Incident on Perryn Road - 8th August 2020

We received a call for help from a local resident following an attack in Perryn Road, Shaa Road area.

If you have CCTV looking into the area please check around 23:45 on 8th August 2020. A man, described as about 6ft tall, slim with short dark hair and walking around topless wearing three quarter length dark shorts, hit someone in the head leaving the victim needing six stitches in the left eyelid.

The attack happened outside 16 Perryn Road but the incident had started earlier involving shouting and kicking the door of a passing car.

The police have been informed - but we have not been given the crime reference number.

If you saw something or you have captured something on CCTV then please contact Acton police station using the 101 telephone number.