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Goldsmiths Arms - plans submitted to demolish and build 6 floor building

Residents around the area of Goldsmiths Pub have been vigorously campaigning for over a year to try to keep open a good sized pub with a large garden and function room. They have had active support from local MP Rupa Huq and East Acton councillors.
After many twists the current position is that a planning application has been submitted to demolish the pub, clear the site and build a set of flats with some shops on the ground floor. The proposed building would be up to 6 floors high, making it much taller than all of the surrounding residential buildings.

The committee of the Goldsmiths Residents Association believe that to have any chance of standing up against these proposals they will have to have some professionals on board.

They have decided to retain the services of a heritage expert, a town planner and an evaluator with immediate effect. They start work on Monday 1st April. There are on-going fundraising efforts to collect the £15,000 that they need

GRA welcomes any help with fundraising activities great welcome. Two local residents have now offered service to run a fundraising event. One to provide free music and the other a comedy night. Anyone interested in helping with this then please contact GRA (see links below).
There is a street party planned for the 8th May.

At the end of March they had raised over £3000

People have until 12th April 2019 to register their views at the Ealing Planning web site at

You can read more about the local campaign at a Facebook group called "Keep the Goldsmiths Arms a pub"
and the Goldsmiths Residents Association