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Draft London Plan gets feedback from more local groups

We have previously reported on a response to the draft London plan made by Save Ealing's Centre.
Now we also have the response of Hammersmith Society and Ealing Matters.

Hammersmith Society summarises their position as:

"The Hammersmith Society is the overarching conservation and amenity group for the northern part
of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, and was founded in 1962.
General Comments
We support the overall aims of “good growth” in the London Plan and appreciate the layout and
arrangement of subject matter, which is an improvement over the existing Plan.
However, we have serious concerns about the Plan’s provisions on design, density and height. The
housing quanta proposed by the draft Plan are considerably higher than in the existing Plan.
Delivering these development quanta across London (Chapter 2, including in the OAs, e.g. in fig 2.10
and elsewhere in the plan) risks excessive density and height to an extent which will adversely affect
Londoners’ quality of life.

Their full document (around 3 pages) is attached below.


Another local organisation to respond is Ealing Matters - a group that CANForum is associated with.

The opening paragraphs set out their position:

"Ealing Matters is a newly established borough-wide alliance of residents’ associations and community groups (including local conservation panels and neighbourhood forums). We formed in response to changes sweeping through the London Borough of Ealing that are trashing our heritage, disposing of our public assets and generally ruining the fabric of our communities in a way that residents find themselves unable to influence.
The New London Plan threatens to accelerate this process, and we object to it, both overall, and to many of its specific policies

Their full document (around 10 pages) is attached below.