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CPZ MM and Shared Bays - an update

CANForum representatives have met with Ealing Council to discuss the council plans to introduce "shared use" bays in CPZ MM area (around Horn Lane).
Numerous objections have been raised by people of the area - and also for the same proposal covering Southfield. You can see more details of this in our earlier news item.

As a result of our meeting the council have made a small number of changes to the implementation and have also promised a review after 6 months.

Here is a slightly edited extract from an email that we received from the council Highway Services team.

"please find attached a revised map with removals made in Shalimar Gardens and Brougham Road, and a spreadsheet
which provides details of the number of bays proposed per road etc. You will note that we have removed the bays completely from Shalimar Gardens and reduced those in Brougham Road by 50%

   - Week commencing 27 August – All members of the public that formally
   wrote to the council concerning the proposed Shared-Use bays, will be sent
   our officers report, which explains the background of the scheme, our
   response to public comments and the council’s decision
   - Implementation will commence in September. We will have a more
   definitive live date in the next week or so, but expect all locations
   across the 5 proposed zones to be fully operational by the beginning of
   - The council will be monitoring the use of these bays over the course
   of the next 6 months, primarily through site visits and observations but
   also through RingGo usage data obtained from Parking Services. The
   combination of the two, should give us a fair idea of usage.
   - Residents are welcome to send through their own observations and any
   concerns they may have about specific locations. This will then enable us
   to give attention to those specific locations highlighted.
   - After the initial 6 month monitoring period, we will fully assess the
   feedback we have received as well as our own observations, and make any
   amendments that may be necessary."