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CANForum AGM 2019

The CANForum Annual General Meeting is being held on 27th March 2019 at 19:30 in Everyone Active on Acton High Street.

Attached is a flyer ... if you can print it off and put it in your window or even print a few extra copies and drop it in letterboxes of your neighbours it would help

Once the legal formalities are over (accounts and other small items) we have a set of speakers covering a variety of topics that are important to the local area.

  • Acton High Street Regeneration
     - Andrea Laffey  LBE. Interim BiD manager

  • Friary Park Regeneration Consultation
     - Catalyst, Tim Porter and Mount Anvil, Bradley Goding

  • Update on Old Library Arts Centre
    - Mike Taylor from Vindinista

  • LBE Transport Policy changes

  • Heathrow Airport Consultation
     - Paul McGuiness, Chair of No 3rd runway Coalition

  • Goldsmiths Arms
    - Jackie Davis. Chair of Goldsmiths RA

Chair. Jan Gayle-Farlow

Do come along and hear about what is happening and have your say.