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10 & 12 Perryn Road - Planning application 201805FUL

Residents around Perryn Road, Shaa Road and other properties backing onto the ex allotments behind Goldsmiths Almshouses are concerned about a new planning application. The plan calls for the demolition of two original properties and putting up a new building with 8 flats including a newly excavated basement.

The developer has made a similar application in the past and it was heavily objected to by local residents and rejected by the council. A concern that the local residents have is that the developer is trying to open up access to a large enclosed green space behind the Goldsmith Almshouses that used to be allotments. The allotment holders were removed some time ago - with the new owner of the plot hoping to build there.

You have until the end of June to make your views known to the council planning department - you can use the link below to review the application and add your comments.

Details of planning application:

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a part two and part three storey building including excavation for basement level to accommodate 8no. self-contained flats; provision of 8no. car parking spaces, bin and bicycle store and associated landscaping
- 10 And 12 Perryn Road Acton London W3 7LR
Ref. No: 201805FUL